Timeline surrouding UK’s referendum vote

Jun 07: Cameron & UKIP Farage on ITV face separate 30 min question session
- Jun 07: EU Referendum vote registration deadline  
- Jun 08: Cameron PMQs in parliament
- Jun 08: Postal vote application deadline 1600GMT in GB
- Jun 09: ITV hosts debate - 3 Bremain vs 3 Brexit debate 
- Jun 15: Cameron PMQs in Parliament; Last day before recess
- Jun 15: Proxy vote deadline 1600GMT
- Jun 15: BBC special edition Question Time with David Dimbleby
- Jun 16: BoE rate decision/Tooting by-election 
- Jun 19: Cameron live interview on BBC, followed by audience Q&A- Jun 21: BBC hosts live debate event at Wembley Arena 
- Jun 22: Channel 4 debate hosted by Jeremy Paxman
- Jun 23: Referendum vote on United Kingdom's membership of the European Union
- Jun 23: Polling stations open from 0600GMT to 2100GMT 
- Jun 24: Results of UK referendum vote on EU

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